Mindful Sailing is the perfect date with yourself!

A day to totally relax and recharge, where you will sail -in a small group of maximum 10 participants- with the feeling of deep interconnection and peace that sailing produces. Relaxing and recharging go hand in hand and are combined with various minfulness techniques, breathing exercises and meditation.

Why Mindfulness?

– You learn to deal with stress in a differeny way

– You train your mind to be fully present in the here and now

-You learn to deal with your thoughts differently and accept them without judgement

You will experience an increase in awareness and focus

– You will feel happier

– You will be more relaxed and balanced

Mindful Sailing Workshop

2.5 hr on Friday afternoon & Saturday morning or afternoon

Sailing, meditation, mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises and active meditation in beautiful and inspiring surroundings.

Investment: €120

Mindful Sailing Day- Retreat

Dates in April, May & June from 10:00 – 16:00

Intake call beforehand, sailing, mindfulness techniques, time to self-reflect and relax, breathing exercises, actieve meditation in inspiring surroundings, healthy lunch, tea/coffee/fresh juices


Mindful Sailing for Teams

Mindfulness is a powerful resource for the functioning of individuals and teams at work. It takes away the unwanted stress.

Mindfulness training is an evidence based way for improving the way people handle stress and build up resilience, self-confidence and optimism.

They also experience higher levels of intrinsic work motivation which results on an increase on engagement, quality and productivity at work.

Would you like to sail with your own group? Or with your colleagues as team building? Contact us to discuss the options.


5 weeks to train your mind to be fully present in the here and now and increase your self-awareness. Result: Less stress, more peace more balance!

Mindfulness is a powerful practice to train ourselves to be fully present and aware of what’s happening here and now. It is powerful because it trains us not be reactive or overwhelmed by our thoughts but rather acknowledge them without any judgement.

The Mindful Walking Course consists of 5 meet ups. It is a practical training in which we learn through experiencing with the different mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises and meditations to take more control of the way we react to things. In a small group of a maximum of eight participants, you work step by step to gain more insight into looking at your problems and feelings differently.

Together we explore what mindfulness can bring us and how it can help us in daily life. In addition to the practice, we dedicate time every lesson to go over the theory.

New Training dates in March. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Location: Maximapark Utrecht – Investment: €95

Come join us to do the uncommon, while doing something very common: Walking!

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