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Welcome to Mayan Holistic Coaching, a space created with the purpose of inspiring you to connect to your essence and  purpose and step into your power.

My passion is to guide people to reconnect to their essence and be able to live from there fully.
Through my 1:1 coaching sessions, trainings and workshops, I help you with practical tools to  align with your core and purpose so that you can reach your full potential, be in balance again and in your power.
When you align your passion with your goals, you are already half way!

Connect to your essence and step into the life you absolutely love!

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Hi, I’m Karla, certified holistic life coach, breathwork coach and mindfulness trainer. My biggest passion is holistic wellbeing and personal transformation.

After many years working in the corporate world and almost ending up with a burn out, I decided to change my life path into something that would be more aligned to my life purpose.

Let me guide you through your own transformational path, live a life that supports your values and create impact.

What our clients say...

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I attended a mindfull walking course let by Karla. Her professional and personal approach is inspiring and the tools she shares are easy to apply in daily life. My daily life needs this kind of input to keep a good balance in the attention i put in children, work, social and me-time! I can recommend Karla’s coaching to everybody who needs that little or big step in life to feel empowered and balanced.
Sandra M.
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Working with Karla has meant a great change in my life! Having gone to therapists for many years without much success, I truly appreciate Karla’s unique approach, her ability to listen, kind nature and guidance into my own awareness. She has helped me map my own path and achieve goals I believed impossible.
Alexander B
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Karla guided me to understand myself better, consider my actions and motives as well as my approach to work, relationships and life in general. She makes you think, question yourself and put things into perspective so that you can go ahead and make decisions. She helped me find what was holding me back and overcome it.
Eric M
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Even in the middle of busy city life, Karla knows how to make you ground and relax. With good questions she challenges you to think better about your choices and your actions. A great way to learn to develop yourself better.

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