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From your core into your power!

Welcome to Mayan Holistic, a space created with the purpose of inspiring you to connect to your core and  life purpose and step into your power.
Through my 1:1 coaching sessions, energetic massages, workshops and retreats, I help you  align with your truth so that you can live your life from your highest purpose and tap into your full potential.
For the workshops, retreats and massages, I
take some of my tools and inspiration from the ancestral Mayan wisdom.
The Mayas believed that the physical body was an extension of the soul.  At Mayan Holistic we honor their wisdom and aim to  bring it into life in our modern world to help you connect to your intuition and live to your greatest potential.

Connect to your essence and step into
the life you absolutely love!

Hi, I’m Karla, certified holistic life coach with a passion for holistic wellbeing and the ancestral wisdom of my people. After many years working in the corporate world and almost ending up with a burn out, I decided to change my life path into something that would be more aligned to my soul’s purpose.

Let me guide you through your own transformational path, live a life that supports your values and create impact.

What our clients say...

"Although I had never participated in something similar and was uncertain as to how it may be, I can happily say that the Mayan Holistic Night exceeded my expectations. The meditation, cacao sensory experience, and Mayan rituals proved to be the perfect combination for an open mind and open heart. I look forward to continuing my journey of self-discovery and self-care at future workshops"


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